The Great War 1914-1918, and Associated Conflicts
   Asia Generally

The East Asian Dimension of the First World War. Global Entanglements and Japan, China and Korea, 1914 - 1919

by Katja Schmidtpoff  Jan Schmidt  


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This book is a collection of essays which follow the book's title. The essays are an academic attempt to answer the questions: "Which role did East Asia play in the First World War?"; "How did East Asian Commentators see and interpret the total(izing) war in Europe and elsewhere?"; "Which lessons did they draw from this experience for their own societies?"; "How did economic networks shift?"; and "Which influences did the war have on East Asian visions of world order?". The essays are as follows: "The East Asian Dimension of the First World War, An Introduction"; by Jan Schmidt and Katja Schmidtpoff Part I. "The First World War and Asian Thought" 1. "The First World War in East Asian Thought: As Seen From Japan"; by Yamamuro Stin'ichi, Professor Emeritus of Modern History of Japan and History of Thought, and former Director of the Institute for Research in Humanities of Kyoto University. (Translated by David de Cooman). 2. "The First World War and its Impact on Chinese Concepts of Modernity"; by Eugene w Chiu, Professor of History and former Dean of the Arts College at Tunghai University, Taiwan. Part II. "The War and East Asia in the Mass Media". 3. "The Japanese Press and Japan's Entrance into the First World War"; by Morohashi Eiichi, a Lecturer in the Faculty of Law at Keio University, and Tamai Kiyoshi Seminar (unknown). 4. "The "Yellow Monkey": Japan's Image During the First World War as Seen on German Picture Postcards"; by Sepp Linhart, Professor Emeritus in the Department for East Asian Studies, University of Vienna. 5. "The First World War and Japanese Cinema: From Actuality to Propaganda"; by Ogawa Sawako, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Humanities and Human Sciences at Hokkaido University. Part III: Political and Economic Entanglements 6. "The Outbreak of the First World War and the Korean Independence Movement. Two Strategies Regarding the Twenty One Demands on China"; by Ono Yasutera, Associate Professor of History in the Faculties of Humanities at Kyushu University, where he taught modern Korean History. 7. "Japanese Loan Policy to China During the First World War. Shoda Kazne and the Domestic Political Background of the Nishihara Loans"; by Kubota Yuji, a Lecturer at Kokoshikan University, and a former Assistant Professor of Kyoto University Archives (Translated by David de Cooman). 8. "The First World War and Chinese-American Economic Networks"; by Wu lin-Chun, a Professor at the Department of History at the National Taiwan Normal University. 9. "German-Japanese-U.S. Mutual Perceptions and Diplomatic Initiatives over Mexico: New Perspectives on the Zimmerman Telegram"; by Gerhard Krebs, who had been a Professor at universities in Tokyo, Freiburg, Trier and Berlin. Part IV: Warfare and Mobilisation in Europe and in the U.S. as Studied in Japan" 10. "Lessons Learned from Japanese Bureaucrats and the First World War"; by Shimizu Yuichiro, Professor of Political Science and Japanese Political History at Keio University in Tokyo (Translated by Angelika Koch). 11. "The Japanese Army's Studies of Germany during the First World War and its Preparations of a System of General National Mobilisation"; by Kudo Akira, a Professor Emeritus at the University of Tokyo (Translated by Angelika Koch). 12. "Japanese Army Artillery and Engineering Officers' Study Visits to Europe and the "Japanese- German War"; by Suzuki Jun, Professor of Japanese History at the University of Tokyo (Translated by David de Cooman). Part V: "Individual Experiences, POWs, Civilian Internees and Chinese Workers". 13. "The Treatment of German Prisoners of War in Japan in the Global Context of the First World War"; by Mahon Murphy, Associate Professor of International History at the Graduate School of Law at Kyoto University. 14. "The Prisoner of War Camp at Aonogahara near Kobe: The Austro-Hungarian Empire in Miniature"; by Otsuru Atsushi, Emeritus Professor at Kobe University. 15. "Japanese Civilians in Germany at the Outbreak of the First World War"; by Naraoka Sochi, Professor of Political History and History of Foreign Politics of Japan at the Faculty of Law at Kyoto University. 16. "The British Recruitment Campaign for the Chinese Labour Corps during the First World War and the Shandong Workers' Motives to Enrol"; by Zhang Yan, Lecturer in Modern Chinese History at the Faculty of History at Nankai University (Translated by Ernest Yeung).